Event details 2014

4th Western Classic Cars and Bike Show

This year Western Classic Cars and Bike Show will be held on 12. October in Sarajevska Street. Event will take place in part at the end of the Sarajevska Street from 12h to 22h.

Latest News

Although official Western Classic 2014 was not held, we still had great time! Check out our gallery!


Dear Friends, this year Western Classic Show is canceled.  The organizer invites all friends to join us at Chopper Cafe at Sunday 12. October at noon, for gifts we made you for this occasion accompanied with free drink and food.


•Karavampir tattoo club•
We are proud to announce Karavampir tattoo club t-shirts will be available for purchase in this years Western Classic Cars and Bike Show. Available in both girls’ and guys’ models and sizes.  Visti Karavampir on FB here!

Although this year Western Classic will be in the October, lovely ladies from Angels’n’Pearls will melt asphalt like its middle of July!

This year Western Classic Offers great merchandise for everyone! Get your Western Classic T-Shirt!

If you are hungry, no worries! Best BBQ ribs in this part of the world are being served during Western Classic in Chopper cafe! Try for yourself!

kvarkBoban i Vera Kvark will be there for great music! Find them here

10492359_329109463913388_720017988003290382_nPin up girls always brighten up atmosphere! We can not imagine Western Classic without those beautiful ladies! Visit us and see vintage American cars and bikes and amazing pinup girls, just like 50s are back!

We are happy to announce 4th Western Classic Car and Bike Show in Belgrade. Event will be held in Sarajevska Street on 12. October 12-22h. See you there!